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QChord Features Model QC-1


Every QChord is self demonstrating with built in demo song. Just push Demo and strum.

RHYTHMS 10 digital rhythm styles are included as well as 30 additional rhythm styles on optional QCard Rhythm Cartridge.
VOICES QChord has 100 General MIDI voices on board to choose from. You can assign these voices to melody keyboard or strumplate.
JACKS Headphones. Line out stereo connection.
MIDI MIDI in and out allows you to control other MIDI instruments with your QChord. It is fully computer compatible for composing your music.
PROFESSIONAL SOUND QChord has full, rich, dynamic sound system with bass port.
PITCH BEND QChord has an electronic whammy bar, to bend your strummed chord up or down.
STRUMPLATE QChord lets you strum 4 octaves of your selected chord electronically. It's always mistake free, perfectly in tune and therešs never any strings to tune or break.
CHORD CONTROLS QChord will play your chords any way you choose.
QCARD LCD When using the optional QCard Song cartridges, this LCD display gives you a quick look at which song number you are playing.
EZ Play QUICK! Turn on QChord, push EZ Play and go! No need to adjust anything!
EFFECTS Customize the sound of your music by adding vibrato, reverb and fills. You can even adjust drums, bass, accompaniment and melody.
CHORDS QChord plays up to 84 perfectly constructed chord combinations at the touch of a button. If you can read English, you can play the QChord.
MELODY QChord has a built in melody keyboard. Play along to fully orchestrated background chords

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